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Corporate Mental Health Consulting



The Anxiety of the Only


In the 21st Century, many Black Americans in the workplace still experience “the anxiety of the only” - the only one in the department, in the division, or the building. Dr. Neal-Barnett works with Black employees to:


  • Understand what anxiety is and how it is manifested

  • Offer strategies and techniques to thrive as an “only”


For some employees, only-ness extends beyond the workplace into the Black family dynamics. As the successful one, many find themselves labeled the “Golden Child.” The person seeks out for counseling, advice and monetary help. The expectations and pressure to live up to this billing may be overwhelming. Strategies and techniques are offered.


Racial Trauma in the Workplace


Racial trauma is experienced by many Black Americans. It may be difficult to navigate when it’s suffered in the workplace. Dr. Neal-Barnett consults on:


  • Identifying the impact of racism on the body and brain

  • Recognizing the signs and symptoms of workplace racial trauma

  • Provides Strategies and techniques to counteract the traumatic effects


Workplace Grief and Loss


The following are common topics which Dr. Neal-Barnett consults:


  • The personal impact of downsizing, layoffs, quiet quitting

  • Returning to a post pandemic workplace where colleagues and friends are missing

  • Understanding how grief manifests itself in the workplace

Dr. Neal-Barnett is also available to lead an eight-session grief recovery intervention for employees.

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