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Praise for HBR Guide to Better Mental Health at Work:

The disruption of the pandemic provides an opportunity to rethink management practices and use advances in brain science and technology to offer innovative solutions to promote employees’ well-being, mental health, and productivity. This collection offers key materials to support this journey.

- Harvard Business Publishing 

Mental health can become sensitive or taboo topic that C-Suite leaders might squirm. Rather eye-opening with practical tips and guides in the course of work. 

- Reader

Praise for Soothe Your Nerves:

I have been practicing therapy for over 20 years as a licensed psychologist-I have liked having copies of books that people can borrow and that I revisit myself. Soothe Your Nerves is one of them- appreciated by clients and me alike! I was just looking at it again and thought I would write to thank you! It is a great book! 

- Julie, Psychologist

Dr. Angela Neal-Barnett places Black women’s anxiety front and center.

- Essence

Further Reading:

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“We are seeing more anxiety, we are seeing more hopelessness, and [these young adults] can be triggered into that hopelessness very, very, very easily.” Read the article.

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“Whatever makes you anxious or that you are fearful of, you will either avoid it or endure it with great, great distress.” Read the article.

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