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Maternal Mental Health Consulting



Dr. Neal-Barnett works with corporations, healthcare organizations and universities wishing to expand its outreach and services to Black prenatal and postpartum mothers.


Black mothers are at higher risk for mental health morbidity due to stress and trauma. Cortisol is the stress hormone. Black mothers cortisol levels are three to four times higher than white mothers placing them at higher risk for mental health difficulties.


To reduce Black pregnant person’s stress and anxiety, Dr. Neal-Barnett has developed the Sister Offering Support (SOS) Sister Circle Intervention. This evidence-based intervention has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety among Black pregnant people. Dr. Neal-Barnett provides consultation on SOS which includes the following:


  • Training for you to implement SOS sister circles in your organization.

  • Weekly check-ins

    •  Copies of Soothe Your Nerves (Simon & Schuster) the guidebook for the SOS Sister Circles

    • Access to SOS manual and activity sheets

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