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Case Studies

How We Work with Corporate Diversity Equity & Inclusion


After the widely publicized police shooting of an unarmed Black male, many employees needed assistance with the understanding of and healing from racial trauma. Many employees struggled with anxiety and depression which
are mental health issues that affect work productivity and relationships.


How We Helped…

We presented employee workshops and fireside chats on the impact of racial trauma on the brain with solutions to how to heal from racial trauma. This resulted in additional employee workshop requests.


After the murders of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd, a top 100 law firm’s Black employees strongly requested their employer to address the aftermath which affected their emotional health.

How We Helped...


We designed an intervention specific to their firm which included an interactive workshop co-facilitated with their Affinity Group. The workshop addressed employee feelings of anxiety and grief, and why they were experiencing it. They were given ways to protect their mental health which included activism and therapy.

How We Work with Health Institutions Addressing Maternal Mental Health Problem/Issue

Dr. Neal-Barnett was approached by a healthcare organization concerned
about the stress level among Black pregnant women.


How We Helped...

With the support from the healthcare executive, we designed a study to collect
information on stress in Black pregnancies. It was discovered that on surveys Black mothers reported low stress, because they believed what they were experiencing was “the way it was supposed to be.” However, focus group responses indicated high stress levels.

The data collected was used to design the widely popular SOS Sister Circle training that addresses stress and anxiety among Black pregnant women. Its
training and licensing are available to Black maternal healthcare organizations

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