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Our thoughts are powerful. We experience three types of thoughts: Neutral, positive and negative. Neutral thoughts have no emotion attached them. Positive and negative thoughts are laden with emotion and affect our mental health.

In today’s society, it is easier to think negatively than positively. Negative thoughts stay in our brain longer than positive thoughts. We are more likely to fall into a cycle of negative thinking, placing our emotional health at risk.

But there is hope. Ten minutes of positive thinking can change the course of our day. Ten minutes of positive thinking every day can change the course of our life. When we begin our mornings with positive thoughts, it attracts positive interactions and people to us. We are better equipped to handle obstacles and challenges that come our way each day.

This month as part of your morning devotions, add 10 minutes of positive thinking to your routine. This can be accomplished by keeping a gratitude journal and writing down all the things and people for whom you are grateful. Or spend 10 minutes singing, playing an instrument, or listening to a playlist. Another option: Add five chapters of Proverbs, a book in the Holy Bible, full of positive wisdom and counsel, to your morning Bible reading.

Positive thoughts help cast out negative thinking. This month start your morning positively and notice the change in your thoughts and in the world around you.

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