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Keep Rising

Friday, I failed miserably. The details are unimportant, just trust me when I say it was bad. After it was over, I was faced with several choices. I could wallow in self-pity, I could lash out and blame the people who failed in their assignment, or I could choose to rise.

I chose to rise.

In making that choice, I was reminded that the first two options are much easier. Self-pity, at least in the beginning, makes other people feel sorry for you and attempt to comfort you. Lashing out makes them feel as bad as you do. Both require little effort and give you immediate gratification.

Rising, on the other hand, takes mental and emotional energy. It requires that we see the failed situation for what it really is, a temporary condition, not the end of the world. Rising requires that we point out to others their mistake, not in an effort to hurt, but to ensure they take steps to strengthen their weaknesses. Rising requires that when we fall, we get back up; knowing we cannot change the past, but we can open the door for new and continuous opportunities above all that we could ever ask or think. Rising requires hope, and hope never disappoints.

Friday, I failed temporarily. Then I got up and kept rising.

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